Jay Prince gets Gallactic with WONDER video

 Evan Dale // Mar 11, 2019 

If asked our favorite project of the year so far, it would be difficult for us not to jump in the direction of London with an emphasis on Jay Prince’s EP, WONDER. If you haven’t heard it, know that it’s already a classic and start listening now. Eventually, you’ll find your way to the project’s titular track, driven by Jay Prince’s quickness, smoothness, and vibrant otherworldliness. His incredibly well-thought lyricism effortlessly weaves through a floaty, calming beat in a way only an artist with the wide view of an astronaut would be able to casually assemble. And in the casual ensemble of an astronaut, Jay Prince welcomes his viewers to the first video release from the project. 


Marching around town in full NASA getup, Prince merges the grain and aesthetic of film with a song that likewise leaves a lot to be understood. It’s dreamy and effervescent without giving away too much, and, just like Jay Prince’s entire catalogue, the video for WONDER is an absolute work of art.