Illusive Jazz Cartier Returns with Violent, Intense Itchin’ for a Lick 

 Evan Dale // Mar 13, 2020 

Jazz Cartier – overlord of the underrated and eternally moody Toronto underground – has been steadily releasing some of the most hard-hitting hip-hop tracks and projects over the last half-decade. And though his last album, FLEUREVER came out in 2018, his new single, Itchin’ for a Lick is display of the same ferocity and intensity that we always expect. Jacuzzi Lafleur hasn’t lost a step. 


Riding a bass-heavy beat, Jazz Cartier dives into an exploration of arrogance and braggadocio that he somehow makes always not only seem effortless, but jealousy-inducing cool. And though he hasn't given the world much lately, Itchin’ for a Lick is exactly what we needed.