Jazz Cartier has officially left earth in his heavy maraud towards the release of his long-awaited sophomore album, FLEUREVER. Depending on where one makes sense of a starting point, Jacuzzi Lafleur – Cartier’s lovable alter-moniker for which the supposed album’s namesake was born, has released something like ten tracks since FLEUREVER’s 2016 announcement. Each has been more high-energy than the last. 


The latest, conforming only in its relative brevity and all-caps typology is titled WHICH ONE, and is simply further proof that Lafleur has set out to master the current trends of high-energy, low-fidelity, melodic hip-hop and subsequently exnihilate its next generation born solely of his stylistic explosiveness. 


Whether you’re heading out tonight or heading out to war, Jazz Cartier is here to provide you sonic ammunition that could conquer worlds.  

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