To Say Jazz Cartier is on a roll would be simply stupid in its understatement. The Toronto star has been on a special kind of tear over the past couple months releasing three singles – RIGHT NOWGODFLOWER, and GUNS AND ROSES– that all share a particular energy and color rarely paralleled elsewhere in music. Even across the spread of trends towards the up-tempo, ignorant, and downright absurd in hip-hop, Jacuzzi Lafleur at this moment in time, stands alone as he marches toward forthcoming albumhood. 


His latest track, GUNS AND ROSES, is certainly a departure in some semblance from the prior two, and in being so, fits right in line. It seems that Cartier is building some sort of construct study into the state of low-fi, dark energy, melodic hip-hop, and that his most recent explores the especially upbeat cadence of the Migos-inspired Atlanta subset. The most impressive part is that he nails it. Seemingly confronting no problems in such a stylistic change prove to us two things:


  1. Jazz Cartier is one of the most transcendentally-capable artists in the modern hip-hop spectrum.

  2. Fleurever is going to be a defining moment for Jazz Cartier’s career and for the melodic movement.