Looking for something that you can groove the fuck out to?


Here it is.


Chicago hip-hop artist, Jhon Myquale drops the hard-hitting, vibe-enveloping hammer with his Flight Theory EP. From start to finish, the project is not just a smooth showing of his hypnotic, deep vocals and his laid-back flow, but the truly unique, experimental type of release that by itself acts as a proper introduction to such a multidimensional and multilayered artist.


Flight Theory is a project that represents a side of hip-hop that we haven’t heard yet – a side of hip-hop that Myquale simultaneously discovers, invents, and exhibits throughout the 20-minute tape. If you find yourself a fan of the dark, low-fi corner of the hip-hop spectrum while also finding yourself listening to a lot of cerebral Chicago lyricism and bouncy electronic production, Jhon Myquale will tee off on your musical tastes and take you to the forefront of a new styling.