Mystery. Anonymity. Mothafuckin’ soul. This is all that really comes to mind when discussing J. Hutton. His voice is powerful and smooth, his production is instrumental and timeless, and his tracks are No Complaints and No Kidding. No bullshit – the musical enigma who is aptly represented by his minimalist color pencil album artwork and described most thoroughly be his own self-delineation – Conductor of the Velvetesque Express – has a canon that could be counted two and a half times on one hand.


And yet, through the strange façade, through the foggy mire, all that really counts is the music, and the music my friends, is as good as it gets. Oddly clear and personal for a figure shrouded in so much unknown, J. Hutton’s music is funky, groovy, dance-worthy, and appropriately enticing for fans across music’s vast plane.


When he decided to double his output by releasing No Kidding just a few days ago, he did everything but misstep. It’s as addicting and relatable as No Complaints, and it’s a simple matter of time before it also blows up. So, check out the new track, grab a ticket, take a seat, and let the Conductor of the Velvetesque Express bring us all safely to the next level of modern funk and soul.