Elusive J. Hutton Graces us with Addicting Electro-Soul Single, Twice 

 Evan Dale // Feb 22, 2020 

Electro-soul enigma, J. Hutton is as elusive as he is mysterious. And though a track from him to this point is at best an annual gift, consider it his collective fanbase’s birthday. Twice is perhaps a miscounted nod to the number of times he’s released a single (seeing how No Kidding has vanished from his streaming canon) leaving him with only crushing hit, No Complaints and his latest.


Counting aside, Twice is another experimentally endowed composition bursting with intensive synth strokes, exhibiting his range, and finding its most enticing stride with a juxtaposing deep register breakdown around the 2-minute mark. Hopefully there’s more on the way, but don’t hold your breath; J. Hutton tracks are built to last.