In a world so enveloped in the throes for and against a long list of socioeconomic and political reform, art holds the power to push agenda, influence change, and even ignite large-scale movements, often acting as a symbolic catalyst for something larger than itself.


Columbus, Ohio hip-hop artist, Joey Aich’s newest release, Meccas, is the strongly-voiced, powerful kind of track that uses its high platform to pose the question, “if the revolution started today, would you be a part?”


Taking the form of a socially-slated statement while simultaneously stirring up different emotions through its form as a fast-paced, lyrically-endowed rap masterpiece, Meccas is a well-balanced coin equal parts purpose and prose. It holds true to the Midwest’s modern climate as the global center for cognitive, lyrical, and politically-charged hip-hop while boasting a sound reminiscent of the East Coast greats that have historically used their art as a similar leading domino for social change.


Nothing but props and positive words go to Aich for his new single. Let us all find inspiration and conversation through his wisdom.