Johnny Stimson Provides a Soulful Escape with Vacation

 Evan Dale // May 27, 2019 

Johnny Stimson - Vacation.png

The smooth rasp of Johnny Stimson’s vocal delivery is reminiscent of beachfront sunsets and a lack of scheduling, and that’s exactly where his latest single, Vacation fittingly takes us. The Dallas singer fond of neo-soul and pop’s grey areas has become explosively popular since his 2017 release of Honeymoon and subsequent signing to Elton John’s Rocket Records. Still sans a debut album, Vacation, fit with silky lyrical explorations of the world’s premiere getaways, is his latest single en route to just such a project, and succeeds undeniably in providing us with at least three minutes of auditory escape even when our lives don’t actually allow for it. 


And at the end of the day, it’s just catchy and convincing enough to inspire and soundtrack at least a few spur of the moment vacations, and that in itself will be magic for some.