JORDAN Xx & SECK Team Up for 'Highs N Lows' Puppetry | Music Video 

 Evan Dale // Aug 4, 2020 

Never been to Nashville? Let SECK take you. The prolific music video director has come out of the gates as a cultural provider in an otherwise dismal year for humanity at large. And coming from a scene – rather being a massive influence on a scene – amidst a widespread cultural renaissance steered predominantly by an explosive underground hip-hop scene, SECK is having his say on its direction and exposing the world to its visual edge. Latest from him (which may not even be true by the time you’re reading this considering how many projects he seemingly always has in the works) is the video for JORDAN Xx’s titular track from his Spring project, Surfing: Highs N Lows.


The Highs N Lows visual – akin to everything SECK directs, is largely unlike anything else he, or anyone else for that matter – has done. Instead, the one thing tying all of his work in an artistically bound bundle is the combination of brash visual risks taken overtop the deep-rooted wide range of Nashville’s rap scene. Highs N Lows follows a puppet protagonist around, while his real-life friends – JORDAN Xx among them – accompany the monotony of day-to-day puppetry.


Somehow avoiding seeming any kind of absurd, the Highs N Lows puppet show instead results in a uniquely dark, relatably downtrodden story brought to life and to positivity if by nothing else than the creative allure and success of it all. Again, JORDAN Xx, SECK, and Nashville stay winning.