Parisian electro group, JOUR’s 2017 hit, Love – a bubbly and welcoming vibe worthy of calm Summer evenings drinking wine on rooftops with friends – has gotten a pair of quality and respectful reworks. The original jam is a vibrant expression of synth-pop, finding itself amidst the ever-present top-tier French electronic scene, so it’s only sensible that the success of any reprisal would find its way by discovering a new sound.


Mandar’s cut of the track brings with it a more cinematic and undertone structure, drawing its emotion from the elongated melody of piano chords replacing the poppy and upbeat house strokes. The muted muffler on the vocal sampling completes the vision and sparks the track with a mellow quality of reminiscence.


A charming and elegant piano version is the second rework of the collection that brings with it the kind of unobtainable honesty and emotion that only acoustic cuts can boast. What was once a warm and energetic single becomes a thought-provoking and poignant two-minute composition. 


A new identity is bestowed upon both new versions of Love in a way both respectful to the original and wildly bold and creative in their own ways – the two qualities necessary but nearly impossible to achieve when undertaking the task of reworking an already fantastic original.