If you’re anything like us, nothing has the power to get your toes tapping quite like the smooth, groovy bounce of some classic funk material. And from the very subject matter delineating some kind of prohibition era speakeasy meets late 70’s discotheque, to the explosive, jazz-inspired instrumental bouts and the ghostly, psychedelic breakdowns, to of course, the consistent presence of sultry, emotionally-stirring vocals, there is no better modern representation of that classic funk sound than Judith Hill’s new, texturally complex single, The Pepper Club


The track is an absolute hit whose quality and energy transcend not simply decades, but generations of stylistic taste towards funk, jazz, and soul music. In the same manner of likability that has driven a half-century of dance floors to be soundtracked with Motown’s canon and the modern styles like neo-soul and R&B that it has inspired, Judith Hill is here to represent the current point of funk’s long lineage in its purest and most danceable form.


For further convincing to look into The Pepper Club and all of the LA artist’s musicality, it should be noted that our endorsement of Judith Hill’s talent pales in comparison to others she has received in her career. Between providing backup vocals to Stevie Wonder and Michael Jackson, opening on tour for John Legend, and collaborating with her late friend, Prince, we feel that it’s in your best interests to get on board.