Guyana Folk Artist, Juke Ross Releases Deluxe Acoustic Cut of Drifting Apart 

 Evan Dale // Jan 23, 2020 

Juke Ross is a young, influential folk musician from Guyana. At the end of 2019, he released short album, Drifting Apart, and per the project’s acclaim towards its acoustic inclusions, he’s now back with a Deluxe Version building on its acoustic foundation. Where once stood seven tracks now stand nine. Where originally it breathed of two acoustic cuts, it’s now balanced with four. And for a folk artist whose acoustic prowess has always been an important tether of his emotional, imperfect relatability, his debut full length release now owns a more complete identity. 


Drifting Apart (Deluxe Version) is a textbook extended project release that though it doesn’t necessarily include any new songs, it is able to obtain new meaning and texture simply by be comprised of multiple cuts of four of its five tracks. 


With its release, Juke Ross, in accompaniment of names like J.S. Ondara is filling out a catalogue of folk acoustic artists that have relocated to the United States, released an LP, and have gone on to begin completely changing the expectation for their scene.