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Ghanaian-British Producer, Juls Unveils Uplifting Collaboration, 'Blessed'

 Evan Dale // Aug 5, 2020 

Juls - Blessed.jpg

A leading purveyor In blending his Ghanaian roots with a London-founded global reach, Juls is a produce and DJ whose influence on the modern West African Cultural Renaissance – a moment in our time where the music, art, fashion, and cinematography from Ghana & Nigeria especially are influencing popular culture around the world – is teetering on omnipotent. From his 2019 album, Colour which folding in myriad stylistic names and nuances, he has only continued to release singles and shorts that shine a light on the possibility and Summery positivity of West African rhythm.


Blessed is his latest, and brimming with an exceptionally mellow amalgamation of he, Miraa May, and Donae’o, it’s one of the most apt summertime evening anthems that we’ve heard all year. Crack a beer, head to the roof, watch the sunset, and enjoy.


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