JVCK JAMES Couples New EP, DETOUR with 4AM Visuals

 Evan Dale // Oct 3, 2019 

JVCK JAMES - 4AM Visuals.jpg

In accompaniment of his debut EP, DETOUR, London R&B futurist, JVCK JAMES has also weaved into the fold his first set of visuals for the year. The video for 4AM – one of many standout tracks from the EP – follows JAMES on a dimly lit, trippy tale of hyper-romanticism and subtle braggadocio. Our protagonist spends the three-minute ballad eating popcorn in a Ferrari, dancing around a drive-in, stargazing, and dreaming. And if the simplicity of some visual elements (Ferrari aside) at first make the video seem humbly low-budget, random explosions of intense otherworldliness pull into focus that JVCK JAMES has one hell of a dynamic design team and to the idea that all the extravagance and love in the video was never more than a dream. The visuals come to a close with JVCK JAMES waking up in his bed. 


But, for the twenty-year-old phenom still working towards a debut album, the dream is very obviously just getting started.