It's Easy to Freefall for Jvck James' New Single Fall Free

 Evan Dale // April 27, 2019 

Jvck James - Fall Free.jpg

On the heels of a productive 2018 and a tour with fellow UK overseer of music’s next direction, Mahalia, Jvck James has arrived with his first single of 2019. Even still so early on in a career yet to bring a project to fruition, he has had no problem whatsoever delineating the wide scope of his unique talent and the respect earned along the way. An affinity for bubbly, warm-weather production, a knack for rapping, and an absolutely stellar, star-making vocal delivery are the pillars on which his artistry is being built. And with Fall Free, he returns with something else expectedly new and refreshing. The single is a bouncy springtime track that gets us and any fan of experimental R&B dancing from the first beat to the a cappella chorus. But, driven by an altogether light-hearted and breezy palette, Fall Free is less emotionally taxing and more popularly digestible than some of his other work. For that, it’s another bold direction that proves Jvck James won’t quit experimenting and changing pace until he has enough work to prove that his talent and his eventual debut project belong to the keystone center of vocally-centered post-genre.


He’s up next, so be ready for what’s to come.