London's Jvck James Drops Vibrant Acoustic Take of Fall Free

 Evan Dale // Aug 5, 2019 

Jvck James - Fall Free.jpg

In the spectrum of R&B up-and-comers sans a proper debut project to their name, none shine brighter than the unique styling of London’s Jvck James. The young singer, songwriter, and instrumentalist has one of the more unique, rangy voices in music, wavering between explosives highs and emotionally-downtrodden lows. And his ability to pen a track is second to none. His April single release, Fall Free is now accompanied by an acoustic take even more telling of his raw talent than the original. In a manner that all artists should strive for when embarking down the road of an acoustic cut, Jvck James is able to unearth something completely different yet complimentary. 


Attached at the hip to the emotionality of an imperfect acoustic guitar, Jvck’s vocal delivery too is softened, yet finds an even stronger centeredness in the song with a lack of overarching production. But that isn’t to say the acoustic take is completely without its frills. Intermittent vocal layering grant it an unexpected identity and leave it every bit as necessary to Jvck James’ canon as the original.