With each subsequent release comes clear and present growth for UK vocalist, JVCK JAMES, and further expectation that his talent will come to be a defining voice in the global collective of young R&B artists. His latest, On My Way, is a step from his general bounce and energy in trade for something a little more downtempo and melancholy. Less lust and more heart to heart romance. 


True in form as an emotionally reaching single highlighted by JVCK's insane vocals, On My Way's undertone delivery and romantic lyricism are able to hammer home the feels of a pure soul ballad, while speaking personally to those affected by hurdles in their own love lives. 


The soft piano strokes, hard bass line, and echoey, ghostly production pull it all together as an R&B keystone, deepening JVCK's creative canon and widening his ability for emotional reach.  


Be on the lookout for when the young man drops a debut project because it will undoubtedly change the sonic landscape of the entire scene.