Jxdece's 'Runnin' is a Diary Entry for Emotional Instrospection 

 Evan Dale // July 2, 2020 

Nashville’s Jxdece is yet another unique tile in the mosaic formed by the indefinable range in the city’s tethered sound. Though mellow is an underlying adjective to his auditory aesthetic, depth in poeticism is, too. A rapper fond of introducing melodic runs into his lyricism, his sound is – like so many from the quickly emerging capital of the hip-hop underground – bold and vivacious; veteran in its confidence and directionality. Underlined by low-fidelity beats, Jxdece speaks his peace with a calm, albeit heavy hand. And his latest single, Runnin’ doesn’t sidestep honesty and pain, meeting a moment of solace and introspection felt by many, and made into art by few.


The single feels like a diary entry, methodically meandering the topic of pain and the urge to run away. And beyond its thematic discourse, it’s an example of the innate talent present in Jxdece’s sound – talent that allows him to simplistically express deep thought and emotion to the tune of some of the most lyrically-endowed hip-hop of the moment.