There are no 'Questions' about Kaleem Taylor's Unique R&B Grip with New Single 

 Evan Dale // Oct 2 2020 

On the heels of prior single, Until, London’s most unique voice, Kaleem Taylor is back with its answer: Questions. Always en route to evoke the most with a delivery that first and foremost thrives in the sphere of emotionality, Questions is a vibrant study on the power of both the tongue and the pen.


‘Just because I love you and you love me, doesn’t mean…’ pitches Taylor’s unwavering delivery in the track’s spinning chorus, at one time churning reminiscence of his prior work and his listeners prior dealings with a loved one, while also exuding something new in his aesthetic that, hand-in-hand with Until, is setting the stage for something larger: She Kows. Per Questions, a larger texture of even more vocally dominant, confident dealings, is pointing towards a project that would be defined first by the strength in his vocal growth, and second by his sound’s tether to the R&B of the Golden Era, joining the likes of Devin Morrison and VenJess as some the most retro-futuristic forces in all of Neo-Soul.