Kaleem Taylor's 'Until' Divulges Echoes of Emotion & Range 

 Evan Dale // Aug 28, 2020 

There isn’t anyone in music with a broader register than Kaleem Taylor. An enigmatic merging of the 90’s and the now, his aesthetic is unparalleled in range and in emotional evocation. 2019’s Surface – Kaleem’s most recent project – is a stirring exhibition of exactly that, and his latest single, Until, builds upon the rangiest, most emotionally transcendent foundations that he’s explored in his past.


Exploding with divulging echoes of his feelings towards a muse, Kaleem Taylor holds nothing back, resulting an in incredibly vulnerable, powerful exploration of the modern UK soundscape and its global influence on Neo-Soul, R&B, and beyond. More than anything, Until is yet another firm example of Kaleem Taylor’s ability to define his own identity, unlike the texture of any other vocalist in music.