KAMAUU & Adeline Shine with Timeless Soul Ballad & Video, 'MANGO' 

 Evan Dale // Sep 10, 2020 

Soul music has the ability to shine promise and hope on humanity. And from New York by way of DC, KAMAUU’s collaborative anthem with unparalleled musical force, Adeline shines promise and hope on soul music. As timeless as a modern release can get, MANGO builds on the foundations of all of soul music from the last half-century, could having come from any moment through its eras. But, we’re lucky to be experiencing it now, and the unexpected source from where it comes seems strangely fitting.


KAMAUU and Adeline are both uniquely wide-ranging in their creative exploits, while honed, meaningful, and anthemic in their thematic discourse. Neither artist confines themselves to a single stylistic lane, making MANGO‘s effervescent neo-soul ripe for their taking; yet neither make music sans purpose, instilling lessons of oft-forgotten love and commitment into MANGO’s run-time. The result: truly one of the best, most meaningful, and likewise, most beautiful Neo-Soul tracks in recent memory, fit snug with an equally beautiful set of visuals.