KAYTRANADA & Lucky Daye Make it 'Look Easy' with Single Longing for the Dance Floor 

 Evan Dale // July 18, 2020 

There’s never any telling who KAYTRANADA is going to pull in for his next collaborative single, but it’s always a good guess to assume it’s going to be one of the most talented, hottest artists somewhere in the gray area between hip-hop, R&B, and Neo-Soul. That’s his sweet spot. And R&B is Lucky Daye’s. Naturally, their new single, Look Easy is a bop. Both artists are impeccably polished in their own rights and have no issues collaborating across the board. Collaboration, after all, is KAYTRANADA’s game.


Riding the wave of 2019 masterpiece, BUBBA, KAYTRANADA rolls out another vibrant tech-house beat for his compatriot to flow over. And the result is an immeasurable danceable anthem that makes us all long for the days when hitting the club for countless hours was still a possibility.


Just a PSA: the single came as a triple release – the original, the instrumental, and the KAYTRA Extended Mix. Naturally, the latter is the must-listen of the three.