Inglewood's KB Devaugh Takes an Emotive, Downtempo Route w/ 4 Much

 Evan Dale // July 9, 2019 

KB Devaugh - 4 Much.png

Since the Release of 2018 debut project, 4 Me, Not U, Inglewood’s KB Devaughn has been a varying, experimental force of hip-hop transcendence. Honest lyricism, deep delivery, and a tendency for low-fidelity, minimalist production leave him at face value the image of a classic West Coast rapper. But a lack of one-directional thematic discourse and a vibrant reach for emotion make him unlike anyone else. A carefully curated balance between the street and the self show a poetic, approachable, yet undeniably hip-hop light rarely perfected outside of his own camp – a team of LA lyricists including longtime friend and frequent collaborator, Boogie. 


Halfway through the Summer, his first single of 2019 is an exhibition of his ability to merge emotion into a classic hip-hop sound. 4 Much is a downtempo, melodic delivery that folds a focal point on vocals into KB Devaughn’s expected lyrical and meaningful trance. It’s just the latest track that proves he as still one of the most underrated rappers in the game.