Atlanta's Kelechi is Done Being Humble with New Single I Told You

 Evan Dale // April 17, 2019 

Kelechi - I Told You.png

Atlanta’s Kelechi is one of the most underrated artists across all of hip-hop. Armed with an incredibly rare talent for crafting intricate storylines at an unmatched pace and folding delectable vocals into the mix, he effortlessly does more with his music in a lane all its own than anyone else in the modern scene. And he’s done with the lack of recognition.


“I smell their energy changing. Like they know I’m finna be dangerous. I’m done being humble…” opens Kelechi in the track’s first lines. From there, it unfolds as expected – an anthem of prima donna greatness that Kelechi’s talent is already more than worthy of. It comes as his first single of the year in the wake of a 2018 that saw the releases of two impeccable and eye-opening projects: Woke Up To Winter & Spring Breakup.


Fingers crossed that more is on the way, because with steady attention to releasing content, it’s a matter of time before the glow-up is rounded out and Kelechi starts getting the recognition he deserves as one of the most talented and well-rounded artists in the game.