Atlanta emcee and vocalist, Kelechi, released one of the most unique and stirring projects of 2018 when he put out Woke Up To Winter earlier in the year. The album was a shining exhibition of his transcendent ability to seamlessly navigate his vocal and rap dualist approach in balance and harmony. Now, he’s back – seemingly free of the ice and snow – with a warm, mellow late Spring single, Too Much


The track, in ways that so much of his prior work has likewise done, is an inherently romantic exploration – this time denoting light-hearted heartbreak with a series of smooth, lyrically-endowed verses and an impossibly catchy hook, supported and rendered particularly textural by Hanna Lashay’s crystalline pipes.  


To the tune of the single’s thematic direction, Too Much is supposedly the lead single from a forthcoming album titled Spring Breakup, which, in juncture with what we’ve already heard, is bound to be a deep-seeded hit.