Kelechi Explores his Nigerian Roots with Afrobeats Inspired Waiting For You 

 Evan Dale // Feb 12, 2020 

Atlanta hip-hop artist, Kelechi has carved out an early career defined by lightning fast raps, clever lyricism, and a deep, often melody-driven delivery. But, his latest single, Waiting For You is instead something else entirely. Chalk it up as a risk worth taken equal parts homage to his Nigerian roots and Nigeria’s booming cultural renaissance that is seeing everything from Alté to Afrobeats to cinematography and fashion born of West African heritage ascending the pop culture charts across the globe.


Waiting For You is undoubtedly a step away from hip-hop at large in favor of West African melody, percussion, and cadence. But in no way is it a flater for Kelechi. Instead, it’s a statement of range and roots that most artists would fall short of in execution. But for Kelechi – one of the most wide-ranging young talents in hip-hop and apparently beyond – the leap is nothing if not a seamless and successful step.