Kemba Details the Pain of Police Shootings with Educating Single '6 Million Ways' 

 Evan Dale // June 21, 2020 

In response to the realities that the black community has long faced at the hands of police killings and their fallout, Bronx rapper, Kemba has brought the pain of the details into focus. For anyone listening, 6 Million Ways is jarring. It’s supposed to be. A vibrant recount of the formulaic horrors that unfold during and in the wave after the police murder a member of a marginalized population, 6 Million Ways is as much of a detailed narration of the times as it is an exhibition of Kemba’s raw hip-hop talent.


Using his artistic pedestal as another way of bringing to light the traumas that have spurred global unrest over systematic racial inequality, Kemba reminds us all the realities of a system that must be undone; reminds us all the power that music has not only to heal and to inspire, but to educate.


With the prolific rapper always bringing the world a barrage of his unique sound, keep an eye out for more from Kemba, and keep an ear out for more music that can help educate, inspire, and heal during these times.