K. Forest Continues his Experimental Explorations in Silent

 Evan Dale // July 6, 2019 

K. Forest - Silent.png

From the time that 2016’s Link introduced K. Forest’s floaty, transcendent, experimental R&B to the world, vibrant production was a standout signature of his sonic expression. Caribbean and West African influences seem to always inform his instrumental decision making, honoring Toronto’s illustrious positioning as a predominant North American hub for Jamaican and West African culture. Merging reggae and afrobeat inspiration with an indefinable grey area between modern hip-hop and R&B, K. Forest has emerged as one of music’s most mysterious and inventive forces.


New single, Silent is a daring exhibition of K. Forest’s affinity for experimenting with a barrage of musical influences. In production, which is attributed to both he and dF, one of the most provocative and bold compositions of drum and key patterns set the stage for K. Forest to do what he has always done best. A nondescript blend of clean vocalism and hip-hop cadence dance across the vibrant beat for three minutes, making a case for K. Forest as one of the more important experimental leaders in a post-genre age. 


Silent is a Summer anthem fit for upbeat nights and days spent poolside.