K. Forest Drops Seasonably Warm, Hi-Fi Romantic 'Stick Around' 

 Evan Dale // May 26, 2020 

Prolificity & emotion run deep in the artistic expanse of Toronto’s K. Forest. The enigmatic R&B auteur has never had an issue marrying his romanticism with the energy of modernity’s most high-fidelity, silky production. And, akin to many artists finding some sort of creative inspiration in the solace of quarantine, K. Forest has been releasing music left and right this season.


After a swatch of singles and a collective project, Memory Springs, he’s back with Stick Around. The composition is classic K. Forest, holding the limelight bright with his signature register, adhering it to the poeticism in his romantically inclined wordplay, and coalescing it all within the rangy, evoking chimes and bass in the single’s beat.


So, if you’re stuck alone, at least you can be alone with your feelings to the tune of K. Forest’s ever-silky, ever-present R&B-pushing wave.