Rhode Island artist, Khary never stops short of being unique. Though it’s difficult to describe the rapper’s style, words that fall foremost underneath the umbrella of his talent would be honest, open, and grassroots.


His latest track, 4AM Thirst Ballad, discusses the age-old difficulty of dealing with an alcohol-fueled relationship. Emotions develop and someone becomes attached, leaving both to ponder the situation. “You only want me ‘cause that liquor,” declares the track’s aggressive tagline periodically throughout the song, reminding us all of all our own experiences with the notion.


The track is just Khary’s latest in a long series of releases that shine a light into an off-kilter side of hip-hop where storytelling, relatable themes, and limited production turn the focus to different aspects of the genre and invite a new audience to its ever-expanding platform.  

Listen to it here, and check out the rest of his music on Soundcloud