Kid Fiction Serves up Self-Reflective Pair of Tracks Spearheaded by Ashes 

 Evan Dale // Aug 23, 2018 

Kid Fiction is on a run. In 2018, he’s given the world a number of singles that lead up to his long-awaited, self-titled debut EP, a couple dynamic music videos, and a batch of live performances across Australia. A calendar brimming with so much personal and creative achievement in combination with an explosive rate of growth would make anybody want to take a moment to reflect.


But for Kid Fiction, that quick stab at self-reflection is still cause for artistic exploration. And why not? What better way to try to make sense of such pace than with the grace of backtracking for creative self-evaluation? 


When he first wrote and recorded Ashes over the course of one blurry night in 2013, Kid Fiction could have probably never guessed that he’d be finally releasing it five years later while finding himself in a similar sort of artistically emotional whirlwind. But here he is. Isn’t it so very poetically circular?


That emotion, poetry, and circularity is felt through every second of Ashes. Elements of the track are so reflective of the music he’s making now while others have steeped for so long that with Ashes they re-emerge as new. Timing aside, it’s lovely to just have another new single from our favorite Australian chi architect. Something to vibe to, something to contemplate, and something with which to reflect.


Attached to the single, Kid Fiction is also re-releasing his 2011 Under Milky Driftwood Skies, an emotionally-tilling piece of ambient work from he and WOLFS’ early years.

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