Kid Fiction Explores Juxtaposition with Otherworldly At The Mall

 Evan Dale // May 4, 2019 

Kid Fiction - At The Mall.png

When we speak on the transcendent era of music in which we live, we often applaud the range of those who approach their music from a multitude of angles, and Sydney’s Kid Fiction is exactly that kind of creative mind. A producer with a knack for the ambiently cool and the explosively emotive, a vocalist with a high range and a thought-provoking pen, and an eye for stunning video production, he returns with his first audio-visual project of 2019, At The Mall.


Clad in a NASA spacesuit and an extraordinary amount of innate otherworldly swagger, Kid Fiction undresses the comfort of the everyday, juxtaposing it against the bizarre and spacey backdrop it actually possesses. Expected instrumental buildup throughout sets the tone for his vocal delivery to exist as the track’s constant while a myriad of synth strokes and spacey chimes dance in and out. And all of it happens overtop incredibly high-quality video production. Drone shots of an electrically extraordinary fair counterbalance the light shows of our own solar system. Shots of Kid Fiction framed by a pair of mannequin-posing costars offset visions of him floating through space entirely alone. 


The entire production is visually disconcerting and uneasy, but again is juxtaposed by the calm and comfort of the music itself. Duality is on full display with Kid Fiction’s At The Mall, proving once more that the master of a sound and a vision entirely his own is still very much disproportionately underrated.