Our favorite designer of the sonically smooth, Kid Fiction boasts one of the most unique blends of transcendental styling that we’ve ever heard. He calls his newest single She, and trust us when we say, the genre-defying, buttery track deserves your attention. 


Its energy-providing sound which pulls together a series of hip-hop and soul inspired verses born of crystalline vocals with an explosive point of production built upon funky synth strokes, recounts a cautionary tale and word of warning to the idea of a certain paralyzing She capable of just about everything but love. 


But the emotional toll of the song extends far beyond its thought-provoking lyricism. In its instrumental breakdowns throughout and culminating in a finale like something out of electronic university’s curriculum for the productively-endowed, exists perhaps Kid Fiction’s greatest strength – the ability to so accurately portray and mold human emotion into a purely auditory space. 


In a world of music increasingly undefined by the boundaries of traditional genre, Kid Fiction has unearthed a seemingly impossible cohesion of elements from across its wide breadth and has become the sole designer of his own unreplicated sound. 


She might just be his best yet and comes only days before the release of his new EP, due out May 2.