Comparison is of pretty much no use when trying to describe the sound of Sydney, Australia auditory chi architect, Kid Fiction. With a young career and a vast canon that seem to float in the void between dreamy, effervescent electronic production and ethereal, tangible, yet somehow powerful vocals, he has successfully amassed a strong cult following of fans who come to enjoy his music for a wide variety of reasons. Long story short, his music is of unique taste, and that’s why we all like him.


Kid Fiction is his own artist and has no problem delivering smooth, introspective tracks – the newest of which is titled Silence is Golden. To date, the song is the strongest exhibition of his vocal range while also embracing a surprisingly cohesive work of production constructed of abrupt snares, echoic sampling, and a melodious wave of some sort of woodwind-keystroke hybrid. Everything comes together in typical Kid Fiction style, blanketing our ears, our minds, and our souls with the soft-sung, sequestered, soulful beauty of his unique auditory aesthetic.


Silence is Golden is a single supposedly leading up to a 2018 album, and consistent with the effect the track has already had on us, we hope Kid Fiction refuses his own advice and chooses to remain silent no longer.