Kid Fiction Scales Up Experimentation for New Project, Unburdened

 Evan Dale // June 24, 2019 

Kid Fiction - Unburdened.png

Australian auditory architect, Kid Fiction has been a transcendent and continuously changing force on the electronic peripheral for years, but with the release of his self-titled debut EP last year and the release of latest project, Unburdened, Kid Fiction puts that range to the test. Where his 2018 debut led off exhibiting his cool, provocative merging of experimental production and crystalline vocals, and where his pair of leading singles, What Defines You & At The Mall continued along a similar albeit more refined route, Unburdened emerges a brash and unexpected ode to experimentalism.


Filling the gaps with short and intense bouts of emotion-evoking electronic instrumentation, Kid Fiction makes Unburdened a largely unexpected composition, while reminding us that the unexpected is what drives art in the first place. Explosive, rangy synths dot Unburdened throughout, bringing to mind early work from fellow synth-heavy producer Slow Magic. And when Kid Fiction does display his vocals, both a growth in his delivery and a more unique balance in their surrounding production makes Unburdened an intense, important delivery awash with the unexpected beauty sure to drive his career for years to come.