Kindness Triangulates New Album Between Soul, Electronic & Funk

 Evan Dale // Sep 9, 2019 

Kindness - Something Like A War.jpg

Kindness is an under-the-radar overseer of modern funk and soul coalescence, delivering theatrical, emotive, and undeniably danceable music at each turn of his career. The latest turn is Something Like A War – a first full-length release by the starry enigma since 2014 – and one differing vastly not just from Kindness’s pre-existing canon, but also differing from most everything in music today. It’s 47 minutes of sonic indulgence rich in texture as it is contemplative in nature; emotive in aesthetic as it is experimental in its indefinable spectrum. Brimming with wide-ranging features that seamlessly compliment Kindness’ myriad of experimental funk and soul, Something Like A War is a blueprint for a new era unapologetically thankful for the past but reconstructed from post-genrefication’s exposed brick. It’s not an electronic album but it is electric in its realignment of electro-funk nature. More than anything, it’s anthemic as a nightclub soundtrack.


Constantly fluctuating BPM’s and emotive exploration, Something Like A War never loses sight of its primary direction as a blindingly unique collection. Beyond its outrageously one-of-a-kind identity, its evocative emotionality, and its boldly experimental take on everything triangulated by electronic, funk, and soul, it’s difficult to delineate. So, listen for yourself and get a taste of what the future club scene will sound like on its most romantic of evenings.