Kiya Lacey, Namir Blade & Reaux Marquez Join Forces for Cinematic, Immersive 'The Red' 

 Evan Dale // Sep 9, 2020 

From an atmospheric, immersive sonic space, Nashville’s Kiya Lacey, Namir Blade, and Reaux Marquez deliver chilling new single, The Red. Indefinable in every sense sans the emotional sphere, the single is reminiscent on being underwater – both literally in frame of Namir Blade’s ghostly, echoey production, and figuratively from Kiya’s lens of a drowning relationship. For the first three minutes of the song, Lacey’s meandering vocal and freestyled poetic explorations boundlessly divulge the sensitivities driving her most personal artistry. So, by the time the never-failing wordsmith, Reaux Marquez hops in for a closing verse, an amalgamate ballad of love and struggle feels so well-rounded and so well-balanced that it could seemingly only come from the adept creative hub that is Nashville, Tennessee’s soul and hip-hop underground.


The trio come together to deliver something truly unique, and even from a city and a scene that prides itself on ultimate creative individuality, The Red is standout in its cinematic, evocative identity. Be on the lookout for more from all three artists, and from the Ville at large, where the well is yet to run dry, and seemingly – by the measure of what we’re hearing here – only getting creatively deeper and more refined.