Kogane's Traces EP is Emotionally Relatable Acoustic Ambiance

 Evan Dale // July 14, 2019 

Kogane - Traces EP.png

Some projects are simply too difficult to discuss without exploring their emotional spectrum. They toil in regions of emotional extremism where any human in ear’s reach has no choice but to feel something similar to the artist’s original direction. And that’s where we find ourselves today.


Vancouver auditory architect Kogane is an enigma of musical talent whose greatest asset might be an ability to evoke and inspire raw emotion in listeners. Strewn with delicate sonic design, Kogane’s music is vibrantly gentle, emotionally soft-edged, and beautifully composed. It’s also difficult to delineate.


Somewhere between electronically ambient and acoustically emotive, Kogane’s new EP, Traces is best described as symphonic sympathy. It’s less stylistically definable and more so definable on a series of emotional slides. 


Honest, innocent, poignant, calming. 


Bicycles, Alberta, Max, Traces. 


The EP’s four tracks ride their differing, immersive, but complimentary waves of emotional reach, and come together as a truly heartwarming and psychologically relatable EP.