Kojey Radical Explores Dance & Fashion in Video for Can't Go Back

 Evan Dale // June 20, 2019 

kojey radical - cant go back vidual.png

Poet. Rapper. Vocalist. Videographer. Designer. Fashion icon. 


There should probably not be anything surprising about Kojey Radical also being a dancer. Nonetheless, his newly released visuals for recent single, Can’t Go Back are unendingly creative across his many proven outlets. 


Setting up shop in the blank canvas of a concrete warehouse, Kojey, a drummer, and a trio of talented choreographers paint a vivid picture with music, dance, and fashion – albeit a picture removed from the storyline driven direction that has become signature to his many sets of visuals accompanying singles. Instead, with Can’t Go Back, removing a visual storyline allows for nothing but brash expressionism and artistic release for all the creatives involved and brings to the forefront something that his music and videography – slammed with poetic verse and intricacies – rarely does: unspecific imagination. Undirected and undistracted by anything but words, inspired wildly by dance, it’s easy for the mind to wander and hard for it to exit the video feeling anything but alive. That seems to have been the point:


“This video feels like a return to form for me. When I went through the darkest parts of my depression I used dance as a sort of healing therapy. I wanted to reflect the joy of losing yourself in a moment and letting everything go. It’s taking things all the way back to the basics to begin again and freeing yourself from past trauma.”


This is only the latest from the incredibly bold and wide-ranging London creative. A string of singles, features, and videos dating back to last year have set him up in a position as one of the world’s most exciting emerging talents, and each has exhibited his artistic prowess not only as a musician, but also a visionary with a knack for any and every creative lane he explores.