Kojey Radical's Lyrical Vision is Clear and Omnipresent with 2020

 Evan Dale // Aug 2, 2019 

Kojey Radical - 2020.png

At the end of his last single release and video, Can’t Go Back – the first towards his upcoming project – UK poet of all things high-energy and creatively-endowed, Kojey Radical teased a violently lyrical introduction to another track. That track, 2020 was released today, and the clarity its name assumes is omnipresent. Fervent and fiery, Kojey’s verses are reminiscent of other recent singles If Only, 97’, and his contributions to SHY FX’s Bad After We where a dark tear of lyrical brutality ensues. 


Unapologetically, Kojey tends to pair such releases with his knack for the more light-hearted, emotionally softer, vocally-focused singles he’s equally adept at orchestrating. Together with Can’t Go Back, an uplifting and warm single about overcoming our struggles, 2020 provides a glimpse into the expected range and ever-present dichotomy in Kojey’s range.