Kojey Radical Flexes Lyrical Dynamism with Uplifting Can't Go Back

 Evan Dale // May 18, 2019 

Kojey Radical - Can't Go Back.png

The fact that Kojey Radical is still being slept on by the larger international hip-hop community is a bit disconcerting for everyone’s sake, especially as he continues to release and work towards a next project that is almost guaranteed to shoot his voice straight into the limelight. His spoken word roots grant him a lyrical ability rarely seen throughout hip-hop’s history. His recent growth as a vocalist has only made him more modern and experimental, pushing depth further into his ever-expanding musicality. His vibrant single releases that rarely mirror one another make him one of the most well-rounded artists today. And the unapologetic creativity that drives it all gives him the image and the personality necessary to thrive beneath the steady growth of continued fame. 


His latest single, Can’t Go Back, is an anthem of positivity and continued self-love, driven by Kojey’s absurd penmanship and by the thematic exploration of escaping depression. It’s another undeniable hit, and just the latest grandiose step towards a world of experimental hip-hop steered by his strong hand. 


Stop sleeping on Kojey.