Wide-ranging and vastly creative multi-media artist, Kojey Radical is a man full of surprises. Whether you know who him for his endeavors visual, auditory, or simply all-around imaginative, conscious, and influential, a mind such as his is always drawing up bold, new ideas. The newest of which is hard-hitting, energy-stamped track, If Only.  


Where a man seated as artistic director of burgeoning fashion brand, Chelsea Bravo - due soon for a Spring collection – and serving a key leadership role in intriguing and innovative media platform, PUSHCRAYONS – whose capturing and unique approach to video is worthy of your time – happens to find any of his own to put out new music, is a mystery. But mystery aside, If Only is here not simply as another indefinable expression of Kojey Radical’s addicting approach to music, but yet another example that he exists beyond the very ideas of genrefication or style. Rather, he is a living exhibition of his own self, of his own art.


With roots extending from Ghana to London, his art seems to find constants only in his geneses and his quality. Always changing, always adjusting, always creating something new, If Only is a fast-paced track boasting a violent and mesmerizing hook dancing over simplistic, clean, and bouncy production. And though the song feels of a veteran who has slowly and painfully perfected his craft over the years, If Only, like so many of his creative undertakings, is a relative change of pace from the rest.


The man knows no bounds, or rather, ignores them and defies them for the sake of art and movement. If Only exudes a less slow-burning pace than some of his music more easily associated with poetry readings, while at the same time, not missing a step lyrically that one would expect when making a shift towards the more energetic and flamboyant ends of the spectrum.


In a global creative scene that seems to be quickly making strides in the direction of creative freedom and art with purpose, while simultaneously hacking away at the confining foundations of the old, it is artists like Kojey Radical and creations like If Only whose gait and sledgehammer are longest and strongest.