Kojey Radical & Mereba Team Up for Uplifting Anthem, 'Same Boat' 

 Evan Dale // June 10, 2020 

Two high-profile singles in two days from the oft-illusive Mereba who just yesterday made waves with the poignant, motivated End Of Daze by way of her collaborative supergroup, Spillage Village. This time, she’s joining forces with the UK’s Kojey Radical for an expectedly unexpected track from two of music’s most unpredictably fluid contemporaries.


Same Boat rides an up-tempo beat to the tune of both artists – both proven rappers and poets – exploring their equally well-travelled vocal routes, harmonizing on the hook and trading thought-provoking verses. Uplifting in its production, in its lyrical direction, and in both artists’ range, Same Boat emerges an experience-born anthem for positivity and perseverance; a risk-taking change of direction for two artists that continuously defy that very existence of stylistic boundaries.