Kota the Friend Kicks Off 2020 with Thieves | A Lyrically-Profound Exhibition 

 Evan Dale // Jan 1, 2020 

Kota the Friend - Thieves.png

Brooklyn’s poetic lovechild, Kota the Friend is an enigma when it comes to his flow and his penmanship. An understated delivery of relatable, albethey in-depth and thought-provoking lyrics round Kota out as one of the most impressively effortless wordsmiths in all of music. And his latest, Thieves – is a profound exhibition of his rawest and most lyrically-driven lane to start off 2020. A three-minute, off-beat rap session, Thievesleaves nothing to be desired towards Kota’s take on rap’s strongest and most timeless of pillars: rhythm and poetry. 


Of all the lyrically capable artists in music right now, Kota the Friend is inarguably one of the most unique, and his take on hip-hop appeals beyond trendiness or expired blueprints. Instead, he – with the aid of tracks like Thieves – is redefining what it means to be a lyricist and a songwriter cut of the modern cloth.