Kota the Friend Drops Saturday | First Single Since FOTO 

 Evan Dale // Dec 1, 2019 

Kota the Friend - Saturday.jpg

The most understated and effortless rapper of 2019 also seems to have the most to say. Brooklyn native, Kota the Friend has been one of the year’s most standout artists, releasing acclaimed sophomore album, FOTO and changing the hip-hop spectrum for the better and more unique in the process.


Months removed from its drop, he’s back with a new single, Saturday. Per Kota’s signature as a kind-hearted and honest force of lyrical prowess and subdued energy, Saturday is the kind of relaxing, emotive track that has made his seamless transition into the limelight one that we all didn’t know we needed.


But with Saturday, it’s only further affirmation that when an artist has the kind of songwriting talent that Kota has, less can certainly be more.