Kota the Friend Drops Lyrically Endowed, Humbly Driven Volvo 

 Evan Dale // Jan 31, 2020 

Brooklyn hip-hop artist, Kota the Friend who can best be described as an acoustically nuanced, lyrically endowed motor pushing forward (and equally back) the direction of rap’s truest pillars, has had an explosive rise over the course of the past year. With the release of last year’s acclaimed FOTO, and his early 2020 compilation of lyrically driven YouTube series, Lyrics To Go in project form, he is riding his momentum the right way, growing, learning, and rapping about it along the way. 


Fresh on the hells of Lyrics to Go, Vol. 1, Kota is back with a new single, Volvo. The title – not what the world has come to expect from the braggadocio-bound hip-hop world – is exactly the overarching statement he’s trying to make. After all, Kota the Friend has always been the figure in hip-hop working hardest to remain humble, to teach clarity, and to preach honesty. Volvo isn’t only a display of the life he really lives, it’s a rap display that most in the game today couldn’t match if they tried.


And Kota, with Volvo, does it effortlessly.


Always be looking out for more from Kota who is quickly becoming one of the most necessary forces of pure rap.