KTOE Drops Trio of Singles, Recruits Jazz Cartier for Touring

 Evan Dale // Mar 18, 2019 

Let’s talk about two things: prolificity and energy.


Let’s talk about two artists: KTOE and Jazz Cartier.


We’re talking Touring. As part of a trio of singles released by KTOE on March 1 (Holy Ghost & Not My Friends) and the only one to feature a guest spot, it would seem he made his choice wisely. If there are two things the two artists are always sure to bring, it’s the two things mentioned above. Jazz Cartier spent the better part of the last year and a half releasing a seemingly bottomless stream of high-energy, experimental hip-hop tracks that eventually manifested themselves in his keystone project, FLEUREVER. Now, apparently under a similar spell, KTOE is moving forward with the same relentlessness, though also boasting the production signature for each of his releases. 


Propelled by particularly video-game-inspired beats, KTOE’s production sets a clean and unique stage for the modern era of ignorant, high-energy hip-hop music. And few belay their hip-hop delivery in a way more unique and bouncy than KTOE and Jazz Cartier themselves. In effect, Touring as well as Holy Ghost, and Not my Friends come together to form a quick mini-project from KTOE that is sure to be premising something much bigger, more high-energy, and more innovatively absurdist in the near future.