London’s Kwaku Asante Gets Sensual & Sticky with Molasses

 Evan Dale // Sep 26, 2019 

Kwaku Asante - Molasses.jpg

With an impossibly deep register, London vocalist, Kwaku Asante delivers his listeners to a silky land riddled with soul, sensuality, and emotion. In a bout of single releases over the past year, he’s done well to provide a glimpse into just how wide-ranging his neo-soul is capable of reaching. His latest single, Molasses is his most classically sexual and seductive to date. Built on a foundation of swooning basslines and highlighting chimes, Asante’s vocal delivery takes center stage and gets us all hot and bothered in the process. Just ambiguous enough for his listeners to make their own meaning of the song, some things – driven by the vibe and the texture alone – are obvious. And those things make Kwaku Asante – especially driven by his Molasses lane, an emerging force on the neo-soul scene, à la modernist, British Barry White.