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London’s Kwaku Asante Continues String of Sultry Anthems with Sunday

 Evan Dale // Nov 17, 2019 

Kwaku Asante - Sunday.png

Kwaku Asante is a London Neo-Soul vocalist and songwriter who may just be a new generation’s Al Green. Or maybe Barry white. Or maybe Seal. Truthfully, his low register and ability to write his songs wrought with pure emotion and sex triangulates him somewhere between all three, and his knack for folding his own unique talents into the mix makes him an ever-more prominent figure in a London scene that in so many circles – Asante’s included – is running music. 


His latest in a string of 2019 singles is Sunday – a lazily sensual and unendingly emotive track delineating how he and his significant other like to spend their Lord’s day. And if anything else need be said about the track, it’s that all of us should probably spend ours listening to Sundayalong with the rest of Kwaku Asante’s emerging canon. 


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